Who Gives a Thgouht

Exhibition Info

KG+2024 No.097 Who Gives a Thought
Open: 4.29–5.12 10:00–17:00
Closed: Wed.
at ◯間[MA] (map)






The world I see is limited and arbitrarily framed. It is difficult to take in all the information in front of us equally.

Under the banner of diversity, we create new concepts, acquire knowledge, and try to update our values in line with the times, but “I only grasp a small portion of the information in front of me.” If we don’t go through the introspective process of thinking, “I can only do so much,” then even if we increase the amount of information we receive, we will only end up missing more and more information. Sometimes they are dismissed as “inefficient and difficult to understand.”

Everyone has something within them that is illogical and difficult to understand, something that cannot be easily or immediately put into words.Who will accept them now?

Through the physical act of appreciating the entirety of the image projected from the projector, I present to the viewer what exists outside of the cut out world, even if it is not perceived.

How to Watch

1.Pick up the screen

This work will be viewed on a small screen.

This work will be viewed on a small screen.

It is a transparent plate with a handle, illuminated by light.

You can pick up anything you like.

2.hold up to a projector

Stand in front of the projectors lining the wall 
and hold up the screen in your hand.

3.Try to move it

Move the screen back and forth, left and right, 

to find the position where the picture appears.

If you have difficulty finding a photo, 
please look for a place about 1.5 meters away.

鑑賞時の注意 – Notes on viewing

Please be careful not to bump into other viewers.

Please do not touch anything other than the screen you are holding.

Please take pictures and promote the event.